The Internet-Time Alliance is an international think-tank focused on organizational learning and performance. It was created by Jay Cross (1944-2015) and now consists of four workplace performance practitioners:

Jane Hart

Harold Jarche

Charles Jennings

Clark Quinn

We are connected to extensive international networks, spread across nine time zones, who share a passion for our work. We collaborate and innovate in Internet time.

Many organizations face the challenge of becoming more networked, collaborative, and distributed, all the while remaining agile in changing markets. The thought that the next social software platform will solve their problems is comforting, though of course mistaken. Changing business means changing how people work and learn on a daily basis. It takes time and effort.

When we formed the Internet Time Alliance it was obvious that it was not going to be a standard consulting company. We collaborate and innovate in Internet time. Our people are recognized as experts in their
respective fields with complementary strengths, have published extensively and are sought as strategic guides and as public speakers. We are similar to a group of artists who share the same gallery and bring several individual talents under one roof.

As an alliance, we work together, with no junior staff. Our clients get our full attention. We have learned that complex problems require different thinking and innovative solutions. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. We know that each organization’s situation is not only different, it is continually changing. We enable our clients to understand and embrace complexity and adopt new ways of working and learning. We help them ask the tough questions and explore
the underlying assumptions of how they do business. Then we work with them to develop strategies and plans for transformation and improvement.